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Join our school lottery from as little as £1 a week

and you could help us to reach our goal of funding a minibus. 

It's a win, win! 

By signing up to our lottery you are raising money for our schools, and you could win some extra pennies for yourself. 


Did you know...

the biggest cost of school trips is often the transport?


We certainly were and that is why we have set out to raise enough money through our lottery ticket sales to fund a minibus each year. 

To do this we need to raise around £6000 every year which is equivalent to about 300 tickets a week. This should be a very achievable goal but we can't get there without the support of the community. 

You don't have to be a parent of a child or a staff member at our schools, our lottery is open to anyone over the age of 18 living in the UK. 

Why not give it a go?

For £1 a week what have you got to lose? You never know, you could be one of our lucky winners and turn that £1 into a few more, you could even be up to £25K richer if you are lucky enough to win the national jackpot. 

Click here to sign up today or get more information.

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